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Listen now the new song performed by Basshunter ft. Dulce María. The young Swede Basshunter wants to break into Latin America, and who better than one of the bigger exponent in these lands than the young and ex member of RBD, Dulce María. Together they perform "Wake Up Beside Me".
Dulce María Says No To Telemundo, Confirms ‘... Dulce María Mexico want to show to the world
Dulce María Says No To Telemundo, Confirms ‘Va Por Ti’ Univision Realit...

Dulce María has confirmed she will be one of the judges of “Va Por Ti” on Univisión. The 28-year-old singer and actress revealed in an interview with Javier Poza that after receiving various tempting offers for a telenovela with Pedro Damián and a juicy contract with Telemundo she opted for this new talent show as it’s related to music. “It’s cool because at the end of the day, [the show] has everything to do with what interest me, music and hopefully next year more projects arise,” she said. The new music competition will be produced by the Galindo cousins, same producers of “Bailando Por Un Sueño,” which currently airs in the U.S. on Sunday’s at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Rumor has it that Galilea Montijo will host this weekly talent search that is programmed to take over Sunday nights on the Hispanic network over the summer.

For Dulce María her decision not to sign with Telemundo was putting her music career at the top of her priority list. The “Rebelde” actress has been focusing on singing and put a lot of effort into her latest album that she wants to promote it as much as she can. “It was very complicated because I was in the middle of producing my record,” she told Poza. “I had to leave six months and live in Miami and leave my album half-way produced. It had taken a long time to release my album and to stop and do a telenovela, it was very difficult because it was a great opportunity but it was a change of network and it wasn’t easy.” Dulce does not have a talent holding contract with Televisa and doesn’t want to do telenovelas right now. Signing with Telemundo would have taken time away from her music.

Dulce Maria’s last telenovela appearance was with “Mentir Para Vivir,” where she had a special appearance of about 20 episodes. Dulce is best known for her role in the small screen as Roberta Pardo on “Rebelde,” where the musical group RBD was formed. However, she doesn’t rule out acting if it’s paired with music. “If there is something in acting, I would like to do it next year. I have received many proposals, not telenovelas, but musicals,” she said. “All this year will be focused in music. I have made my entire career in Televisa but there is a moment for eveything, I continue with this commitment with myself and I have bet on music. I don’t want to push it off to the side. There is a third single coming out soon and we will produce a video after the World Cup ends.” Did Dulce María make the correction decision choosing being a judge on a talent show versus a lead in a telenovela?


Dulce María Mexico want to show to the world

After two years working on the album ” Sin Fronteras “, Dulce Maria returns to the music scene with a sound that mixes pop with some Mexican rhythms.

” There was a time that I wanted to involve my country in the world where my music comes, so many songs have Mexican essence “in this creative process, the artist decided to include Julion Alvarez with the song ” Tears “.

” I was surprised because it was something very different from what I was used to and he also, in the end, we join somewhere and recorded this wonderful song. 

Moreover, the actress revealed that she was asked to perform some tests to novel José Alberto Castro, ” La Malquerida “but” a project like this will leave little space to devote myself to music. 


[Video] Watch The Making of “Quiero ser Faithul” staring Dulce Maria

The Making of video was released by the sponsor of the film Quiero ser loyal

Happy Birthday Dulce Maria


Dulce María gets over heartbreak with Julión Álvarez in ‘Lágrimas’ m...

Mexican pop singer Dulce María premiered her musicvideo for the song “Lágrimas” on Tuesday. She gets over heartbreak in the vibrant clip with banda music artist Julión Álvarez.

Dulce first released the “Lágrimas” (English: “Tears”) single in early September. On the Spanish pop ballad, the ex-RBD singer teams up with Álvarez. They trade verses about having a complicated romance that leads them to tears. Some light piano opens the track before the accordion kicks in and makes the duet something special. Dulce’s sweet vocals are a nice contrast to the pain conveyed in Álvarez’s performance. Two different artists and genres come together on “Lágrimas” to deliver a very charming and endearing song.

In the music video for “Lágrimas,” Dulce reflects on love lost. As a heartbroken woman, she hits the bar and sees Álvarez on stage. He invites her up and they sing the track together. More shots are cut in of the two artists performing while old memories still continue to haunt Dulce. She later lets go of the bad romance much to the dismay of her former flame. It’s a simple and beautifully filmed video featuring Dulce and Álvarez at work.

“Lágrimas” is now available on iTunes. It is the first single from Dulce’s new album.



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